I changed the name of my blog!!

Hello!I the past, the name of my blog was Elizabeth's Crafting Blog, which is kind of... not creative, you know?! So, I changed it to... Crafting By E! This is actually the URL for my blog, so I decided to change the name to the URL! :)  -Elizabeth

DIY Fluffy Slime with Shaving Gel!

Hello everyone!Last week I made a super fun slime, and I wanted to share it with you! This is easy to make and doesn't require ingredients that are too hard to find. :) So, let's get to the recipe! Materials: Glue (Clear or white works; I used white glue)Cornstarch (this makes the slime slightly stiffer and more stretchy)Shaving Gel (if you can't find this then use shaving foam, but shaving gel makes the slime more stretchy)Food Coloring (Optional)Glitter (Optional)Essential Oils for scent (Optional)Saline Solution (or borax solution)Baking soda (only if using saline solution)A container to mix the shaving gel ina bowl to mix the slime ina spoon/ something to mix with Steps: 1.   Pour some glue into the bowl. There isn't a specific measurement, so just do however much slime you want to make.  2.    Add about a tablespoon of cornstarch. (I probably did about 1/2 or 3/4 cup of glue, so you may have to use more or less cornstarch depending on how much glue you used.) Mix these t…

Celebrate Star Wars Day with a DIY Galaxy Picture Frame!

Hi everyone!
I have been celebrating Star Wars week (that's now a new thing) :)!
I made an easy galaxy picture frame, and all you need is some paint, a paintbrush, and an old wood frame!
I hope you enjoy it!


old wood picture frameacrylic paint in galaxy colorsa sponge brush (optional) a paintbrusha wide DRY paintbrusha paint paletteSteps:  The first step is to get your base color on the frame. (you may need to prime it first). I used dark blue mixed with some black. 

 2.  Next, layer all different colors of blues, purples, and pinks on the frame. You can use a sponge brush (which is what I did to start) or a dry paintbrush. I found that the dry paintbrush allowed for more texture. So just make random blobs of color, try to blend them, and try to add texture.

3. Next add some variations in color, like a lighter purple on top of the darker purple.  4. Now take some white paint and dip your paintbrush into it. Use a small paintbrush for this. Hold the paintbrush in one hand an…

how to make a holiday banner for dolls! (halloween)

Hi Guys!
I'm sorry that I haven't been posting for a while.
Today, since it's close to Halloween, I wanted to post a craft for Halloween. (But you can use this for any holiday!) Sorry for the weird picture layout!

Construction paper of any colorribbonglue (a glue stick or liquid)hot gluea marker (if needed)a pencilstickers or words that are printed outexacto knife (if needed)scissorsribbon or string

Steps: Cut out your letters if you printed them out. I went into google docs, found a font I liked (Vampiro One), wrote Happy Halloween, and printed it out. I then cut out the letters. If you have stickers, you do not need to do this step. 

   2. Get your construction paper and draw banner-like shapes on your paper. I had 14 letters, so I did 7 purple and 7 orange. I kind of used the template on the bottom right but found it was easier to just draw the shapes. After drawing, cut the shapes out. 

3. Now, using your glue (unless you have stickers), glue the letters on the…

Redoing my doll kitchen! DIY doll kitchen backsplash!

In this post, I will be redoing my doll kitchen backsplash. I have the Our generation kitchen, in red.
I really don´t like the original backsplash, so I decided to replace it with a cute marble one!

For this craft you will need: 
a tape measure (a ruler can work but a tape measure works the best)a ruler (for a different purpose)a piece of scrapbook paper in your choice of color (mine is marble)scissorssome glue (I used mod podge)a paintbrush (to spread out the glue)a pencil or pensomething to smooth the paper out (a toy spatula...)Steps: 
Measure the backsplash.  This picture is sideways, but it measures about 5 3/4 in at the bottom. This backsplash is about 5 3/4 x 6 in.    2.   When you are done measuring all 4 sides, find the scrapbook paper and cut it out based on your measurements. (this is where you use the ruler, for straight lines) I put mine in the backsplash space, and it was a little too big. I trimmed it down a little. The final measurement is 5 7/16 x 6 in.  

3.  Take so…

Doll Christmas Haul!

Hi everyone!
It is so close to Christmas, (1 day!!) so I wanted to show you guys all the holiday things I have for my dolls. (not a lot!)
I got most of the things from Target, in their Christmas section.
 This is a very long post, so keep reading!

Here are all the things I got...

The first thing I will show you guys is the tree. I got it on sale for $5.60 instead of $8.00.
It is 24 in tall, and taller than an AG doll. I think it looks really cool in silver, but if you want it to look like a normal tree, Target has other colors. Next, I will show you the lights! These are my favorite out of the things I got from Target.  They are $4.20 on sale instead of $6.00 Their lighted length is 9.6 ft, and the total length is 10.8 ft. Mine wrapped around the tree completely.

They also have a timer part on the on/off switch. These are battery powered and require 2 AA batteries. 

Now time for the ornaments! They were $2.10 on sale, normally $3.00 There are three types of ornaments in the package, m…