DIY American Girl doll laptop case!

Hey everyone!
A few days ago I posted a review for an AG doll sized MacBook.
So I thought I could show you guys a tutorial for a laptop case.
Hope you enjoy!

For this craft you will need:

craft foam in any color (not the sticky-back kind)hot glue, tacky glue or foam gluea pencil or penscissorsa ruler*optional: a doll computer *optional: anything you want to adorn the case with!*optional: parchment paperSteps:

1. Get a piece of craft foam and trace your computer around it. If you don't have a doll-sized computer, then use these measurements: 4 7/8 across by 3 6/8 vertically (you don't have to be super precise!)   You can also just approximate it but make sure to leave room on the edges!
2. Cut it out along the lines! 

3. Once it is cut, just trace around the foam and cut that out. You should now have 2 sides.  4. Glue the 2 pieces together with hot glue. You can also use foam glue or tacky glue. *Make sure to leave 1 end open!!!*
             5. You can leave it like it is (above …

Review! mini MacBook Air for AG dolls!

Today I wanted to post an unboxing of the two mini "MirrorBooks" I got from Amazon.

Here is the link to buy them: MacBook Mirror
It retails for $7.99 and is a Prime item.

Here are the pictures!

Anyway, let's open them!! The outside looks okay...   
Here are some pictures of an AG doll with it...

So, I think this is a pretty good buy if you don't look at the inside. ;)  If you guys buy one of these let me know!  I hope you liked this post!

Craft on, Elizabeth­čÉ▒

Super easy DIY American Girl doll TV!

Today I am going to show you guys a really easy tutorial to make an AG doll TV! If you are new here, welcome! My name is Elizabeth and I make tutorials of 18-inch doll crafts, a variety of DIY, and more! If you haven't already, make sure to check out my other blogs!  Now let's get right into this craft...
For this craft you will need: a pedestal picture frame stand (I bought mine at Michael's for $1.00)  scissorsa printable (or anything you want to be shown on the TV screen)STEPS Screw your two pieces togetherCut out a printable, colored paper, scrapbook paper, or a picture from a magazine and slide it through the top of the frameYou are done! Make your doll comfortable and sit back, relax, and watch the show! ;)

Thanks for reading! -Elizabeth

DIY doll cotton candy!

Hi! Today I will be making some easy cotton candy. It looks real and is fun to make. I also have a different easy way to make it in the tips below. (Tip 4 and 5)

For this craft you will need: 

stuffing/cotton or cotton ballscraft paint of your choicea disposable bowla spoon (I like to use disposable) or something to mix with scrapbook paper or cardstockscissors hot glue or tacky glue a pencil or a pen a ruler a glue stick or tape  mod podge (optional) pom poms in the color of cotton candy (optional) chalk (sidewalk or any type will work) (optional)cotton balls- white or colored- optional                     STEPS

Put paint in your bowl and mix until you like the color.

Get a small ball of stuffing (or about 2 cotton balls) and roll it in the paint. Using your hands, cover the stuffing with paint.
Rinse the stuffing in the sink, to get the paint out but leave the color.Set the clump on a mat to let it dry. Wash your hands! Get the scrapbook paper, (or cardstock)  and find a circle-based obje…

Hello World!

Hello World!!
My name is Elizabeth, and one of my favorite hobbies is crafting!
At this blog, you can find craft ideas for American Girl Dolls (18 inches tall), miniatures and more!

I have 2 AG dolls, Samantha Parkington (Beforever) and Kailey Hopkins (Girl Of The Year 2003).

When I got Kailey, I did not know that her name was Kailey, so I named her Katelyn. That is her name now! :)

Well, I hope you enjoy my blog and have fun crafting! ;)

- Elizabeth